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Criminal Consulting Experts

Lloyd Criminal Consulting was founded with the intent of Building Safer Communities. We aim to remove the convenient labels all to often placed on people and stigmas that result. Our mission is to provide strength-based solutions to opportunities often inaccessible to discriminated and marginalised people.

The current Criminal Justice System is antiquated and unequipped to address the requirements of modern society. In an attempt to address this Lloyd Criminal Consulting aims to improve community understanding and awareness of the perpetual punishment resulting from a criminal conviction. We provide training and education for large organisations and corporations who are socially conscious. With approximately 18,000 people released from NSW prisons per year. We provide the conduit required to identify and introduce people that can add value and enrich each other’s lives increasing social capital.

Through a unique blend of life experience, education, and vocation. We are Criminal Consulting Experts who have the ability to provide insights and awareness from both the person released and the person in charge. We provide a blueprint for how to engage and employ people who are capable of employment.

Building Safer Communities

Do you want to live in a safe community? seriously who doesn’t… Safe communities close prisons they don’t build more. Evidence now shows that building more prisons leads to a more violent society. When we attempt to punish one we actually punish many. It is not only the individual who is punished when they are locked in prison. It is the families, businesses, and health of our communities that are impacted as well.

We understand what is required when Building Safer Communities. Participation, inclusion, and celebration of diversity and difference. Our program is wholistic valuing the worth of the entire community. Looking to consult and develop supportive systemic frameworks where everyone can take responsibility to do their part in remaining connected.

Whether it be family, group or individual counselling. Business coaching and mentoring or corporate consultation Lloyd Criminal Consulting provides community-minded solutions in all of these areas.

“Those closest to the problem are closest to the solution but, are also furthest from the resources and power to address it.”

Glenn E Martin

As said best by Glenn E Martin Founder of the #closerikers campaign in the above quote. Through blending lived experience and academia Lloyd Criminal Consulting’s collaborative approach provides a practical pragmatic way of incorporating evidence-based practices with the reality of the impacts, allowing the development of a standard of best practice. Because if you want something different you need to be willing to do something different. Business Done Differently, Ethically and Socially Conscious.

Business Done Differently

Business Done Differently is exactly what Lloyd Criminal Consulting has been designed to do. By providing different solutions, we remove the focus on reducing recidivism. We live and believe that strengths-based systems and frameworks provide the foundation required for pathways out of the Criminal Justice System. By increasing capacity individually and across all areas of the community this creates wholistic systemic support structures that are required to increase social value and social capital.

This may sound like an ambitious stance. However, we are committed to Building Safer Communities and we believe the current focus on “reducing recidivism” is a flawed systemic approach, based on short term feel-good solutions, rather than long term social progress. This will require significant support with a collaborative approach. The perfect opportunity to model what we want to create. Trust, Connection, Safety, and Community.

Criminal Consulting Expert