Lloyd Criminal Consulting Co

What is a
Criminal Consulting Expert?

A Criminal Consultant is someone who acts as the conduit between the corporate world and the Criminal Justice System to bridge the gap between formerly incarcerated people and the wider community.

We focus on building safer communities through connection, inclusion and a celebration of diversity and difference, believing that this serves everybody’s interest.

We buck the trend of quick fixes, identifying and focusing on the strengths and solutions that lie within people and organisations, enabling us to build pathways and create opportunities that sustain positive outcomes for the long term.

We endeavour to change the inhibitive and cyclical nature of the current Criminal Justice System by providing alternative pathways and opportunities that lead people away from further criminality and towards a life worth living.

We leverage, blend and promote lived experience and academic voices to educate mainstream society about the realities of ‘the perpetual punishment’ that comes from a prison sentence and advocate for all people who have been impacted by the Criminal Justice System.

“A Community Problem, Requires A Community Solution”        

Dean Lloyd

Business Done Differently

Lloyd Criminal Consulting is itself evidence of what is possible when people are provided with adequate resources to make healthy decisions post-incarceration and supported to create meaningful, purposeful and productive lives. It is our mission to help others in this endeavour, whilst at the same time, providing value-adding solutions to the organisations and businesses we partner with.

We understand how to unlock the value of second chances to benefit all sectors of the community by providing cost-effective business solutions that create employment opportunities and inject hope into the lives of people who may otherwise have none.

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