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What does a 46-year-old middle-class, white man know about racism? Absolutely nothing!...
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A Spike in Alcohol Consumption

Do you understand? That substance abuse is a creative way for people to access the support they require, in order to feel safe and confident enough to participate in life. So congratulations on your resourcefulness, to access the support, you’ve required to get you to this point in your...
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Labels are good on Jars… Not Humans.

Language and its power to impact. “People can label me anything they like. Ultimately it’s up to me if I stick it on and wear it around.” When we can identify what it is we are attempting to achieve through the use of language, we become clear of the...
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How to create a healthy work environment. How are you looking after yourself or someone you care about? One of the easiest ways to improve health and wellbeing. Is to ensure you are hugging the people around you enough. As a result of hugging more often it has been...
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Social Media or Antisocial Media …..

Defining the landscape of social media, professional media and private media platforms. Social Media: Social Media has provided so much benefit to so many, essentially making the world a smaller place. In doing this, it has at the Macro level provided a way of connecting instantly with anyone, anywhere...
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