I am a trauma informed practitioner who specialises in AOD treatment. Working from a Gestalt modality as I believe this is the safest way to work with people who have experienced trauma or adverse life events.

I thoroughly enjoy this work and the honour of participating in people’s healing journeys. I look forward to participating in yours as well.

I am well versed in group practices having facilitated them in various different AOD treatment centers, Prisons, and Hospitals.

If you have ever typed these questions into a web browser:

  • Do I drink too much?
  • Is my husband an alcoholic?
  • Is my wife an alcoholic?
  • Am I an alcoholic?
  • Is my friend an alcoholic?
  • Any others like this

If you are asking these questions about yourself or others I can help.

Change is such an individual process I don’t believe in trying to make you accountable. I work towards supporting you to become personally responsible.

Personal responsibility has been such a valuable and empowering part of my own journey.

So now your ready, give me a call or book online now.


“Dean was my counsellor when I was in rehab. I had been in and out of prison 11 times and it was my 5th rehab. I was angry and felt like the world owed me. Deans slow and gentle approach is a significant reason I am now 4 years drug and crime-free” Jonny K – Glebe

“Dean was supporting my son who had spent more of his life in prison than out. My son has now been out of prison for over three years. It has been miraculous what Dean has been able to achieve working with our family. I can now sleep at night thanks Dean” Sue K – Annandale

“Dean was able to support me through my fiancé’s arrest and time in prison. He was able to make sense of all the jail stuff I didn’t have a clue about” Kerrie M – Mossman